""This newfound confidence transformed me into a much stronger person in and out of the gym.""


“CFCI has changed my life both physically and mentally. About 4-years ago I decided to go in for my first free class. I’ve was never more nervous in my life! But that feeling went away literally the second after stepping inside. I was greeted by the friendliest faces who made me feel right at home. I had a kick-a$$ free class and I signed up the next day. This is where my fitness journey began. For anyone who knows me – I was never an athlete. Exercising was not my thing. The motivation was never there. Yeah I joined ‘regular’ gyms but I didn’t last more than a month.  I joined CFCI and with the help of their professional coaching and community…almost 5 years have passed and I’ve never been more fit in my life! Was it an easy start for me? Nope! I struggled a lot at first. But my limitations weren’t physical – the problem was my mind. I was so scared and unsure of myself; I had no confidence, and that crappy “I can’t” attitude. But I didn’t give up! For the first time, I had people who believed in me. Time passed and eventually something just clicked. I was getting better at CrossFit but more mindset was changing. I developed a better attitude, more confidence. This newfound confidence transformed me into a much stronger person in and out of the gym. I’ve learned how to stick up for myself, wear bikinis on the beach with pride, take more chances, carry heavy bags and air conditioners without any help, make more friends, take care of myself more, and follow more of my dreams. I continued on this path, listened to my coaches, practiced and remained patient. About 5 years later- not only have I become an athlete for the first time in my life, I’ve learned proper nutrition and gained an entire second family. I’ve never felt better and I’ve never been happier. The support from my CrossFit community is off the charts. I couldn’t have done this without them and I am forever grateful. ‘Trust the process.'”

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