Years at CrossFit Coney Island: 3 months

"In only 2 and half months CFCI have changed my life drastically."


“In only 2 and half months CFCI have changed my life drastically. I started CF on my birthday. I was so out of shape and feeling lazy and weak all the time. I decided to join CFCI after hearing so many good things about it. Since starting, I have already lost more than 10 pounds while gaining muscle. I feel so good about myself after workouts. The atmosphere at CFCI is amazing because its like a family. Everyone knows everyone and you get that feeling of togetherness. CFCI is so addictive that I look forward to my 5:30pm class all day. The main difference I see in myself is my overall strength. I have gained so much strength within 2 and half months (added 100 pounds to my deadlift 1RM, 70 to my back squat and 50 to my front squats, 25 to my shoulder press). Coach Elie, you are doing one heck of a job at CFCI. Keep doing your thing brother. Special shot-out to coach Ben for always pushing me and encouraging me.”

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