Coach Elie

Owner / Head Coach
Coach Elie


  • CCFT (CF-L3)
  • CF Kettlebell
  • CF Kids
  • CF Competitors
  • CF Adaptive Training
  • Completion of the CrossFit Online Course: Anatomy
  • Completion of the CrossFit Online Course: Spot the Flaw Course
  • Completion of the CrossFit Online Course: Scaling
  • Completion of the CrossFit Online Course: Judge's Course
  • USAW
  • CPR, American Heart Association


  • B.S. Physical Education, Brooklyn College
  • Minor in Exercise Science


Street art enthusiast. Owner of the world’s largest air guitar collection.

In 2010 (one year before discovering CrossFit), Coach Elie suffered a back injury and for about six months, his left leg was 80% paralyzed. Neurologists told him he would have a severe limp for the rest of his life and never run again. Thanks to a combination of physical therapy and an introduction to CrossFit, Elie overcame the pain and paralysis. He is now stronger and fitter than he was before the injury. Overcoming this dramatic and daunting task inspired Elie to open a gym of his own to give everyone in his community the opportunity to write their own stories of success, no matter where their stories start.


Before CFCI, Elie worked for eight years as an ABA therapist in a school for children with autism. Elie loves working with these kids so much he still spends his afternoons as the director of the school’s after-school program.

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